Recruit of the Year

Launched in 2023, the Recruit of the Year award is given by the Institute's Board of Directors to recognize financial planners who have made an exceptional start to their careers and who have distinguished themselves in various ways, including outstanding service to the IQPF, the financial planning profession or the community.


  • To recognize an extraordinary start to a career in order to highlight excellence in the early years of financial planning practice;
  • Foster a sense of belonging to the financial planning community and strengthen pride in the profession;
  • Promote the profession and its impact on individuals, families and communities to potential candidates to the profession;
  • To promote the next generation of financial planners to the community of financial services professionals and the general public (emphasize that value does not necessarily wait for the number of years).

Nominations take place from February 1 to March 31 each year. Download the Guide pour la mise en candidature - Recrue de l'année for more details, including eligibility and evaluation criteria, and complete the Formulaire de présentation d’une candidature - Recrue de l'année to submit a nomination.