Becoming a financial planner

To become a financial planner, you must complete the academic training described under the Regulations or have the academic equivalency, then follow the IQPF's Professional Training Course and pass the IQPF exam.

A financial planner is a personal financial professional, a generalist who analyses the complex and intricate aspects of a client’s financial situation in order to develop a personalized action plan and refer the client to the appropriate specialists, as needed.

As a professional in an advisory role, a financial planner has to be a good communicator, acting as a sounding board for the client and discussing various aspects of the client’s personal, family and professional life.

An F.Pl. has the skills needed to conduct a detailed analysis of every aspect that affects the sound management of personal finances. Drawing on broad financial expertise, an F.Pl. plays an important role in key moments of people’s lives.

The financial planner title stands for credibility, integrity and competence!

Fields of interest

Financial planning involves…

  • estates
  • finance
  • insurance and risk management
  • investment
  • legal aspects
  • retirement
  • taxation


  • Establish the client profile
  • Listen to the client and establish a trusting relationship
  • Use a relational rather than transactional approach
  • Establish the client’s personal and professional goals
  • Develop a capacity for analysis, synthesis and judgment
  • Have the knowledge and competencies needed to participate and cooperate with other personal financial planning intermediaries
  • Develop and maintain a network of specialists for support and reference
  • Coordinate the work of specialists involved in the client’s file
  • Behave ethically and observe the rules of professional conduct
  • Make a social commitment to improve the economic well-being of the public
  • Embrace the professional development process


  • Capacity for analysis and synthesis
  • Ability to make a diagnosis
  • Ease of communication
  • Rigorous, logical, methodical mind
  • Independence, order, attention to detail
  • Sense of organization
  • Ability to write clearly


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