2022-2025 Strategic Plan



The Chair of the Board of Directors, Bernard Fortin, MBA, FCSI®, C.Adm., F.Pl., FICB, and the President & CEO of the IQPF, Chantal Lamoureux, LL.B., CPHR, took advantage of the 2022 congress to unveil the Institute's 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. See the presentation below (in French)

Board members have spent the last few months imagining the future of the IQPF. From the revisited mission to the upcoming projects, this is our roadmap for the next three years. 




As the leader in developing and promoting personal financial planning, ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s financial services professionals have the knowledge, the know-how and the social skills required to contribute to the financial well-being of people, families and communities.



Be the frontrunner in personal financial planning education, recognized as a world-class teaching institute by both professionals and employer.


  • Agility
  • Collaboration
  • Consideration
  • Enthusiasm
  • Openness






Diversify* the content, formats and people involved in order to train various audiences and ensure that the value of IPFP is recognized by the greatest number of financial services professionals.


* Diversification ≠ watering down or reducing the quality of the content.

Diversification = expanding the scope of the IQPF content.


Increase attraction, conversion and retention through the client experience. Make the client experience a distinguishing factor that provides added value.


Define a new content design and delivery approach.

Establish tools and support for the practice.


Define target segments and design adapted, modular pathways for each one.


Improve service efficiency.


Measure the client experience.


Develop new tools for improving the experience, at every stage of the training cycle.





Significantly increase awareness of the profession among its target audiences. Make the profession known and promote it (and its actions).

Rethink the IQPF’s brand identity.


Ensure that we have the organizational capacity required to achieve ambitious goals by adopting a culture of performance based on agility, innovation and personal and collective initiative. Support all team members to effect a rapid, harmonious transition.


Deploy strategies of presence, influence and referral.


Develop and implement a more efficient content strategy by leveraging our affiliates.


Raise affiliates’ awarenes of the IQPF’s products and services.


Nourish a culture of performance and development.


Develop the digital culture and emphasize the digital shift.


Cultivate engagement.



Check out the full version of the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan.