Services for Business

Course Accreditation

As part of the requirements prescribed by Bill 188 with respect to professional development, any person, institution or organization wishing to provide training in one or more of the financial planning areas (SFPA), in subjects pertaining to compliance with standards, ethics and business conduct (SC), or in subjects pertaining to compliance with standards, ethics and business conduct related directly to financial planning (SC-FP) must apply to the IQPF for accreditation.

For more information, consult the accreditation procedure below.

Job postings in financial planning

This service is offered to employers who wish to hire a financial planner. The job offer will be sent by email to all F.Pl.s, and also posted on the IQPF website in the secure, for F.Pl.s only, zone. Please note that the offer must be approved by the IQPF.

To post a job offer, you must fill in the job posting form. Your job offer must include a brief description of the position as well as your selection criteria and the deadline for applications.

  • Cost: $560 plus tax for a two weeks posting on our website and an email sent to all F.Pl.s.
  • Waiting period: the job offer will be posted on our website within 5 business days; the emails to our members are sent on Fridays.
  • Requirement: the job offer must mention that the candidate has the IQPF diploma.

For more information, contact us by email or by phone at 514-767-4040 or toll free at 1-800-640-4050, extension 0.

In-house Training

Our IPFP professional development activities (15 PDUs) can be given at your place of business. To do so, choose a course from our professional development calendar and contact Safya Tibeche to arrange a convenient time.


  • Minimum of 35 to 40 participants, depending on the region
  • One invoice only (the business is billed for the course)
  • A list of participants (last name, first name and IQPF number) must be provided two weeks in advance
  • The location, audiovisual material, breaks and lunch (if desired), are provided by the business